Books On JavaScript

Here is a list of some JavaScript books that I have gone through over the last few years and categorized them into novice and advanced read.

For Novice JS programmers-

  1. The Book of JavaScript By Dave Thau  -Lots of real application examples with elaborate explanations.
  2. Eloquent JavaScript-This book covers almost everything from basic to advance features including chapters on canvas element of HTML5 and Node.js . The book is also available free on their website.
  3. Head First JavaScript Programming -An easy book for someone who have just started JS.
  4. Beginning JavaScript by Jeremy McPeak

For those who have mastered the basic and want to stretch their skill, here goes the reading list-

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript 1st Edition by Michael McMillan Algorithms are important part of programming and knowing them will give you a strong foundation and make you a better programmer.
  2. JavaScript Definitive Guide-This is not an easy book to read and I haven’t myself finished it yet, but it teaches you the right coding style and advanced features.
  3. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja-A great one for learning Object-oriented programming in JavaScript.

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